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Tourism Community Promotion Association of Shinagawa and Ota Cities Foundation Prospectus

From the tourism perspective, Shinagawa and Ota Cities have few major facilities or attractions. Until now, they had not really been thought of as a conventional sightseeing destination.
             For this reason, in each of the two cities the private sector took the initiative to found a tourism association. In Shinagawa City, the Shinagawa Tourism Association was founded in 1997. The association organized waterfront events and town walking tours of shopping streets, and provided information through sightseeing guides and a tourism information office. In Ota City, the Ota Tourist Association was established in 2003, producing walking maps, organizing walking tours and other events, and providing information through its website. Public authorities, meanwhile, grew increasingly aware of the importance of tourism promotion, and the Shinagawa and Ota City offices became more active in drawing up tourism plans and working together with the two cities'tourism associations.
              Shinagawa and Ota are linked by several railways and main highways; to visitors to the area, they feel like a contiguous district. In addition, the further expansion of Haneda Airport and commencement of scheduled international flights is expected to make Haneda the gateway to Tokyo and to Japan for many more visitors, both from other parts of Japan and from abroad. Furthermore, all Tokaido Shinkansen trains, both inbound and outbound, now stop at JR Shinagawa Station, and in future it is foreseen that even more visitors will stop in Shinagawa and Ota for business or pleasure.
              These developments mean that the two districts need to work harder than before to improve their appeal, provide helpful tourism information for visitors, and improve welcoming facilities. Thus the Tourism Community Promotion Association of Shinagawa and Ota Cities was established so that locally based entities working together to promote tourism community development can help make local attractions more appealing and contribute to invigorating the district.

March 26, 2009