Guide to Touring Shinagawa and Ota on Foot・Tourism Community Promotion Association of Shinagawa and Ota Wards・EVENT

Shinagawa Tourist Association

Shinagwa ward is located in the southeast part of Tokyo. Shinagawa prospered as a post town in the Edo period, was railroaded in the Meiji period, and has been developed as a birthplace of the Keihin Industrial Zone. Recently, redevelopment of the sites where factories previously stood has produced a new city that leads to being an information launching city that is about to spread its wings to the world as well as preserving the industrial and cultural tranditions.

Events in Shinagawa ward


Spring events

  • Kokuzonson Spring Great Festival(middle of April/Kita-Shinagawa, Yoganji Temple)
  • South Tenno Festival(Cucumber Festival) (Friday to Sunday in early June/Minami-Shinagawa, Ebara Shrine)
  • North Tenno Festival
    (Oiran Walk) (Friday to Sunday in early June/Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa Shrine)
  • Higashi-Shinagawa Sea Park Sakura Festival (early April)
  • Shinagawa Canal Festival (early April/ Higashi-Shinagawa Sea Park)

しながわ宿場まつりSummer events

  • Meguro Sanma Festival
    (middle of September/Meguro, Tanjo Hachiman Shrine and its surroundings)
  • Shinagawa Post Town Festival
    (the last Sunday and Saturday of September/former Tokaido, Shinagawa-juku)

Autumn events

  • Shinagawa Dream Bridge (middle of October/around Osaki Sta.)
  • Kokuzonson Autumn Great Festival (middle of November/Kita-Shinagawa, Yoganji Temple)
  • Sentai-Koujin Autumn Great Festival (November 27 and 28/Minami-Shinagawa, Kaiunji Temple)

千躰荒神大祭Winter events

  • Tour of the seven deities of good luck in Tokai
  • Tour of the seven deities of good luck in Ebara
  • Sentai-Koujin Spring Great Festival (March 27 and 28/Minami-Shinagawa, Kaiunji Temple)

Ota Tourist Association

Ota ward is located in the southernmost part of Tokyo, is host to Haneda Airport, and is the largest ward in Tokyo. Ota has many verdurous parks and historic properties and is called "Epitome of Japan" because Ota has downtowns such as Kamata and Omori and is famous for a place of collected small and medium enterprises. Ota is a place with diversified charms including environment of water (Tokyo Bay and Tama River), air (Haneda Airport), and land.

Events in Ota ward


Spring events

  • Magome Writer's Village Sakura Festival(Sunday in early April/row of cherry blossom trees in Minami-Magome)
  • Negi-no-Mai(April 21/Nishimine-machi, Tenso Shrine)
  • Shunsho-no-Hibiki(middle of May/Ikezuki Bridge in Senzoku Pond Park)
  • Suijinsai (May 11/Haneda, Sui Shrine)

Summer events

  • Lion Dance by children (Saturday and Sunday in early June/Rokugo Shrine)
  • Mizutome-no-mai (July 14/Omori, Gonshoji Temple)
  • Celemony of floating lanterns on Senzoku Pond (July 16/Senzoku-ike, Myofukuji Temple)
  • Haneda Festival (last Saturday and Sunday in July/Haneda Shrine)
  • Rokugo Fireworks (August 15/Rokugo bank)

田園調布イチョウ並木Autumn events

  • Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Oeshiki
    (October 11 to 13/Ikegami Honmonji Temple)
  • Ota Commerce and Tourism Fair
    (middle of October/Ota City Industrial Plaza)
  • OTA Interaction Festival
    (early November/Heiwajima Park, Heiwajima Motorboat Racetrack, etc.)
  • Denen-chofu Maidenhair Tree-lined Avenue
    (from middle of November/around Denen-chofu Sta.)

Winter events

  • Tour of the seven deities of good luck in Ikegami
  • Tour of the seven deities of good luck in Haneda
  • Yabusame by children (January 7/Rokugo Shrine)
  • Tonbi kite flying contest (Coming-of-Age Day in January/Rokugo, Furukawa Yakushi Temple
  • Japanese apricot (from middle of February/Ikegami Baien)