Guide to Touring Shinagawa and Ota on Foot・Tourism Community Promotion Association of Shinagawa and Ota Wards・MAP

Shinagwa/Ota Plodding Walk Guide [Introduction with Map]Shinagwa/Ota Plodding Walk Guide [Introduction with Map]

Shinagawa-Ota Sightseeing Map covers a wide area of Ota and Shinagawa wards. The Map that includes tourist spots and routes is very uncommon. [issued in October 2009]
The Map introduces how to get to spots from Haneda Airport and Shinagawa Sta in the Haneda/Shinagawa Sta. section as the name suggestes. The descriptions in the Map are written also in English. [issued in March 2010]

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Here are Tourist Maps made by Shinagawa Tourist Association.

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The seven deities of good luck in Tokai

Shinagawa-juku is the first post town since you leave Nihonbashi in Tokaido. Shinagawa-juku lies along the sea, and this course features must-see spots in Shinagawa-juku.

The seven deities of good luck in Ebara

A course where you can learn the mountain side of Shinagawa and Ebara

From Shinagawa Sta. to Tennozu

A course in which you walk through the bottoms of skyscrapers around Shinagawa Sta. and visit trendy Shinagawa and old-fashioned Shinagawa with particular emphasis on new urban waterfront

Visiting to temples and shrines in Minami Shinagawa, Takamura Chieko's monument to Samezu Hachiman Shrine

Former Tokaido-centered roundabout course

Raifukuji Temple with a nice view, Going down Katsushima Canal to Suzugamori Execution Ground Remains

A course in which you can enjoy walking around waterfronts and verdurous areas along Tokaido, feeling gambling at the horse race track, and leaning at the aquarium [PDF-formatted, 617 KB]

From Omori Sta. of JR Keihin-Tohoku Line to Nishi-Oi Sta. of JR Yokosuka Line

A course in which you can recall the Jomon period, learn Shinagawa history, and be surprised at seeing the huge statue of Buddha at Oi

Going from Ikedayama Park to verdurous Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum with walking around small town with many temples on the way

A course in which you can tour the typical residential district in Shinagawa (called Shinagawa 5 mountains, luxurious residential area in Shinagawa)

JR, Gotanda Sta. - Osaki transformed by redevelopment - to quiet Goten Mounten

JR, Gotanda Sta. is a modern business district created from redevelopment. You can cross "Onari Bridge" that was named because Ieyasu Tokugawa used this area for falconry, and walk through the strolling path along the Meguro River to Goten Mountain. This course provides you with enjoying visiting Hara Museum, the mecca of modern art, and walking in the garden around the muzeum.

Rinshi-no-Mori Park, Medicinal Plant Garden of Hoshi University - Shopping mall best in Japan

You can fully enjoy birdwatching and forest bathing in Rinshi-no-Mori Park having 126-year history. You go through the shitamatchi area, stop by Hoshi University where you can sea the dome-shaped lecture hall constructed in 1923 and the Medical Plant Garden with about 656 kinds of plants cultivated (admission required at the guard gate), and finally reach Musashikoyama Shopping Arcade, the notable example of Japanese shopping district, where 226 shops are arranged.

Walking around ponds in Togoshi Park, learning history at Hachiman Shrine, and going to shopping streets in shitamachi area

A large pond, a forest and a fall behind the pond exist in the remains of former Kumamoto Domain, Hosokawa family's residence. You can enjoy this circuit style garden through four seasons in the mood of being a feudal lord, and then you can tour the shitamachi shopping district that is the longest in Japan.

Viewing Tokyo Tower from Koyama Hachiman Shrine and going through rows of cherry trees to Ebaramachi Shopping District

A course where you can go to a lively shopping district with viewing a western house in the birthplace of luxurious residential area developed based on the cocept of a garden city by Eichi Shibuya


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Here are Tourist Maps made by Ota Tourist Association.

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Ota City Illustrated Sightseeing Map
(PDF file:2640KB)

This map depicts Ota City’s major attractions.A few moments spent with this handy tool may count as a virtual trip to Ota! (Issued March 2009)

Ma-I-Sen Town Walking Map

Here, the spotlight falls on Magome, Ikegami and Senzoku Pond—three all-time favorites boasting picturesque vistas.
This user-friendly map employs gradations of color to clarify the hilly terrain. (Issued March 2008)

Tama River Exploration Map

Ota City (from Denen-chofu to Haneda, approximately 13 kilometers)marks the spot where the Tama River flows into Tokyo Bay.Follow this map for an unsurpassed tour of the vibrant culture and history of the river. (Issued March 2009)

Map of the Fluctuating Omori-Haneda Coastline

This map reflects the changing face of the reclaimed coastal land of Omori and Haneda,while providing a wonderful history of the local specialty nori (dried seaweed) and Haneda Airport itself. 
(Issued March 2010)

Kamata Stroll

Kamata—Ota’s shopping and entertainment district!
This map of modern Kamata also reflects the glitter and glam of its days as the center of filmmaking and modern culture. (Issued October 2009)

Kamata Modern

In its heyday in the early 20th century, “Kamata Modern” was the trendsetter,heralding dapper and dashing culture. (Issued October 2009)

Senzoku Pond

Senzoku Pond—an oasis in Ota City. Trust this map to unveil seasonal delights,perhaps during a spin on the pond in a rental boat.
And catch the historical landmarks such as naval officer and statesman Katsu Kaishu’s grave. (Issued February 2007)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Magome Walk
(PDF file:2549KB)

The Sanno-Magome area was home to many writers and artists at the dawn of the 20th century. This is the perfect map for poking around Magome Bunshimura—the Magome Writers’ Village. (Issued March 2008)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Ikegami Walk
(PDF file:1554KB)

The Ota City Sightseeing Calendar presents a year of nostalgic Ota scenes depicted in ukiyoe or woodblock prints. (Issued March 2008)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Denen-chofu Walk
(PDF file:675KB)

Glory in the out-of-doors, starting at Denen-chofu Station.Meander through the kofun (burial mounds) in Tamagawadai Park, and proceed on to Sakura-zaka, satiating your eyes and heart with the greenery of Ota! (Issued October 2008)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Shimomaruko Walk
(PDF file:623KB)

Discover the history associated with 14th-century military commander Nitta Yoshioki,before he was assassinated at the Yaguchi Ferry Crossing. (Issued October 2008)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Rokugo Walk
(PDF file:549KB)

Here, visitors find the site of the Rokugo Ferry Crossing on the old Tokaido highway connecting Edo (now Tokyo) with Kyoto. Enjoy the view of the Tama River as you steep yourself in history. (Issued October 2008)

Rediscovering the Charms of Ota: Omori & Marine Park Walk (PDF file:745KB)

Appreciate the brisk sea breeze while thrilling in this unparalleled close-up view of planes taking off and landing at Haneda Airport. Then, after the roaring jets of Haneda, you might wish to seek out the quieter beach and marine parks such as Omori Furusato-no-hamabe Park. (Issued September 2009)

Exploring Ikegami Seven Deities of Good Luck & Haneda Shichifuku Inari Shrines (PDF file:770KB)

A guide map to ensure a clean start on your New Year’s pilgrimage to the Ikegami Seven Deities of Good Luck & Haneda Shichifuku Inari Shrines. (Issued January 2009)

On the Forefront of Ota’s Cherry Blossoms!

Welcome to your sneak peek into Ota City’s preeminent cherry blossom spots. Enjoy spring in Ota to the fullest! (Issued March 2009)

Magome Bunshimura Walking Map
(PDF file:5185KB)

(Issued February 2005: not in stock)

Ikegami Walking Map

(Issued October 2004: not in stock)